Wicked Crush - pre-alpha gameplay from Billy Monks on Vimeo.

A World of Danger and Mystery

Enter the world of Wicked Crush, where a centuries-spanning war between humans and beastmen dictates life. But in the isolated beastmen town of Rosachelia, where you (as either a dude or a chick) fall from the sky, it's the almighty dollar that reigns.

The town's entire economy revolves around profiting from the lives of adventurers foolish enough to enter Dynidar, the seemingly endless, constantly changing dungeon that borders the town. The townspeople provide the sales of items, services in forging equipment and even renovate the dungeon to make it deadlier. Despite this seemingly grim lifestyle, the townsfolk are actually quite friendly. Sharing a common interest in getting that paper, you are quickly welcomed among the Rosachelian people. It is then that you decide to be the first to reach the bottom depths of Dynidar and discover the endless riches and dark secrets that await.