Our Team

Billy Monks (Me) – I am the game's Designer and Programmer. I love making games and want to make games until I die.

Ryan Miller – Ryan, known online as rtil, is a multifaceted digital artist, animator, videographer and designer with a BFA in Production Animation from Digipen and over 5 years of industry experience, including work on the multiplatform title Skullgirls. He is working on all aspects of the game's Art and Animation. Rumored to carry a manpurse. (?)

Kevin Studevant – Known online as SHADOWFOX2, Kevin specializes in upbeat electronic and hip-hop music. His music has been featured in many games and animations. (All of the lovely music in the trailer has been graciously prepared by Kevin)

TJ Turqman – An incredible bassist and Jazz musician who can be found working on the popular U Street in D.C.. TJ is providing high quality recordings for the game, featuring some of the other local artists he works with.

StrawberryCreme26 – Known for mixing and producing the Hiimdaisy Persona 4 comic dubs, she is providing the game's voice direction, as well as sound mixing.

GeneralIvan – A popular and talented voice actor, Ivan is best known on Youtube and Tumblr. As well as with lending his vocal talents, he is working on filling out the game's dialog and lore.